Those who take medicine and neglect diet waste the time of the physician. - Old Chinese Proverb

So what is nutrition?

This may sound like a silly question, but for the most part nutrition is sorely misunderstood and undervalued. And really it's no surprise as to why.

We try to navigate through an overwhelming amount of celebrity endorsed products, fad diets, tricky advertising and clever marketing. And for what? It usually only nurtures a restrictive/reward based relationship with our food.  Instead, we need to begin thinking about nutrition as a part of healthy living on a more cellular level.

Good Nutrition leads to healthy bodies, healthy minds and enjoyable lives. Poor nutrition underpins all disease, pain, suffering and shortened lifespans.

Think about your car for a moment. You put in good quality fuel, the engine stays clean, you get better mileage from a tank, and everything runs smoothly.

But imagine you started putting water in it. It seems obvious that cars can't run on that.. the engine would start to shut down. And so it is the same with human beings; poor quality food in, unhealthy body results.

You might 'get away' with it for a while but eventually you will develop some type of symptom or issue down the track. This is when the check engine light turns on in the car. So let me ask, would you just knock the light off with a hammer? Or would you get out and check the engine? Unfortunately, as a society we far too often just turn the check engine light off - basically putting a band-aid on the problem.

What we eat is so much more important than what we look like..

It is essential to know that good nutrition is not only needed to arm your body with a strong defense against harmful bacteria and disease, but it is also quite literally the building blocks for cell regeneration. Every few months,  you actually have a large portion of your body that is entirely new. Some organs have completely renewed themselves, the entire top layer of your skin is replaced and you have a brand new liver in as little as 6 weeks. What you eat helps to build the very parts within us that we need to survive.

Once we start to understand that, we can easily understand why poor diet is the precursor to a host of diseases. The sooner you get started eating good,  nutritious food, the sooner your body will heal and the longer and more enjoyable will be your life. It shouldn't be about momentary satisfaction - it should be about your overall quality of life. 

Health is not a simple as calories in vs. calories out. It is not about balancing your carbohydrate, protein and fat intake. Instead, it is a recognition of the role that these components play, alongside the massive input that the many micro nutrients and minerals play in developing healthy cells, healthy DNA and a healthy you.   

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