Do you feel unwell but all tests show that you are 'fine'?

Are you suffering from an illness that just won't go away? Do you have a chronic disease that doctor's treatment doesn't fix or is too painful to contemplate? Do you have digestive problems, pain, bloating, constipation or excess gas? Then Naturopathy is your solution.

Naturopathy is an overall term covering a wide range of Natural Healing therapies that include, but are not exclusive to, Herbal Remedies (scroll to bottom for more); Flower essence remedies; Mineral Therapy; Nutrition advice and supplementation. It is a system that has been developed to provide true wellness care for all. 

Often we go to a Doctor with a handful of symptoms, they label it and prescribe a medicine. But the very nature of scientific investigation unfortunately, usually stops there. When considering the human body, it is imperative to understand that each individual cell, organ and body system work as a team. While every component within your body as a specific series of jobs, without the other 'team mates' doing their job, there would be chaos. Hence why you start to experience problems. 

Say your tap at home is leaking, and water is pooling on the ground next to it. Would you be satisfied if a plumber merely popped a bucket under the tap to catch the leaking water, instead of fixing the tap? Not in the slightest! This is where our medical system continues to fail us. 

Naturopathy seeks to find and treat the true cause of the problem, very well knowing that one symptom is merely the body's way of alerting you to an underlying issue.  This approach means that the body can be directed to "heal itself", rather than just removing an unpleasant symptom.

How do we operate?                                                                                                                                              

Modern Naturopathy as practiced at Abundant Life and Health, uses a wide variety of diagnostic tools to seek out the true cause of ill health. We use an array of tests and investigations to assess the client's true health status, such as Food Allergy testing, Zinc status, Hair Tissue Analysis for Heavy Metal contamination, Iridology and more. We like to get a complete overview of a clients well being, which includes an in-depth knowledge of lifestyle, diet, stress levels and medical and family history.  All along you are kept informed as to the findings and at all times you are in charge of the process.

After assembling all the information we present you with a complete treatment plan. Part of this plan is advice on lifestyle changes needed and dietary suggestions to help you achieve, not just absence of unpleasant symptoms, but true wellness. In brief, your safety and wellbeing is important. This is why we use the most non-invasive, no-harm treatments.

Are our clients happy with our service?                                                                                                                  

Our clinic has been built on referrals and most of our clients are either long term clients or those recommended by our long term happy clients. Naturally they would not keep coming back nor would they refer family and friends if they were not satisfied with the service they received.

Who do we treat?                                                                                                                                                                

Are you a human? Then you! Our services have helped people of all ages in many different states of health. Whether it be the period of conception to pregnancy, childhood and infancy,  teen to young adult, middle years through the more mature times and even into old age. Children particularly are comfortable with a Naturopath as we only use pain-free and non-invasive treatment.  

If you truly wish to be not only symptom free, but to achieve true and total wellness, call today and book an appointment on 02 4721 3198!


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