Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Natural Medicine/Naturopathy?

It is the practice of helping and healing the body with a no harm policy and through non-invasive means. Whether through herbs, minerals, vitamins or foods – Natural Medicine looks at the relationship between body’s physiology and your lifestyle.

Naturopathy vs. Conventional Medicine?

If you have an issue then usually you are prescribed something by the Doctor to make the symptoms go away. While it’s easy to think you’ve been 'cured’ of your ailment because you’re no longer experiencing any discomfort, really it is the equivalent of turning off the ‘check engine’ light in your car and continuing to drive. We have been conditioned to think that putting a band-aid on a problem is enough.. As long as our body feels okay, then we must be okay.. Right? Unfortunately, no. The body is displaying symptoms for a reason! It wants you to be aware that there’s something more at play here. Naturopathy and Natural Medicine look further than the symptoms, they ask WHY it is happening. Not just WHAT is happening. We treat the initial cause for an issue to either manage or prevent it from occurring again.

How do consultations work?

At your first treatment, your practitioner will take some time to gather a detailed health history. This is very important as previous health issues have an impact on your current state of health, even though sometimes things may seem to be unrelated. For this reason, we suggest arriving 10-15 minutes ahead of the time your appointment is booked so that you can complete any necessary paperwork. You can expect a portion of the time will be spent on asking questions, making assessments and explaining what sort of treatment will best help you. The amount of time this takes really depends upon your individual circumstances. If it is your first time, your initial appointment is usually about an hour. Follow up appointments are roughly 30 minutes and are used to monitor your progress and to make adjustments, if needed, to your treatment plan. Initial consultation: $150 Follow up: $90

What testing do we offer?

We currently offer the following testing: VLA - Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Aging Food Allergy *~1 Hour turnaround* Hair Mineral Analysis *~12 day turnaround* Urine Test *Referral to Pathologist* Blood Test *Referral to Pathologist*

Is it covered by medicare?

No, it is not covered by Medicare.

I have private health insurance, am I covered?

A lot of Health insurers will cover a percentage of the consultation cost if you have extras cover, but the amount will vary depending on the cover type and company used.

Why does it cost so much?

In the grand scheme, it really doesn’t. Paying a chunk of money now for testing, consults, supplements and/or herbs might seem expensive, but it shouldn’t need to be a long term payment if you’re doing the right things. The average American spends around $100 a month on prescription medication. While that might not seem like much, generally people are on these medications indefinitely. Now imagine spending $100 a month (that’s likely to rise over time) for 20 years – that’s $24,000. Not to mentioned the health risks of being on medication like that long term, which usually results in liver damage and then further medication to treat the symptomatic side effects of your medication. So would you rather spend a bit of money now to encourage sustainable health, or pay thousands over your lifetime to supress and manage diseases?

How long will it take me to feel better?

Just like in life, there is never one right answer. Getting to the very bottom of your health concerns is essential for any treatment to be effective. But that means you have to put the work in, too. There is no quick fix, no magic pill and no quick end street. Health needs to be approached holistically, and with consistency. Just like one lollipop won’t give you Diabetes, one tablet won’t make you healthy. You could feel benefit almost immediately, or it can take some time. Your health needs to be your priority, when it takes the backseat in your life is when you will experience decline.

What if it doesn't work?

Some issues might not be resolved – because nothing in life is absolute. Things like operations, prescription medication, removed organs, injuries, plastic surgery and especially genetics will all impact the possibility and effectiveness of treatment. We are bodies made up of intricate and constantly adapting complexities, one thing we know for sure as humans is that we still don’t really know much. Our evidence in terms of Nutrition only dates back as little as 45 years ago and even that is either irrelevant, skewed or outdated. The body, and especially the brain, still has much to be understood. We do the best possible with the information we have available, the information you provide relating to your own experience, and the wisdom and traditional medicines passed down over hundreds of years to ensure a holistic approach to your wellness. Ultimately, if something is not curable – the least we could hope is to make it more manageable.

Can my children be treated?

Yes, children can be treated. We have a range of products that are safe for children, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. We can also help immunisations and behavioural issues in children – ie. Managing ADD/ADHD.

What's the success rate?
We have helped countless people over the years, but the term ‘success’ implies that health is black and white. Treatment varies greatly from person to person, and effectiveness is measured by a person’s expectations vs. the reality. Conception, pain, gut health, hormonal issues, stress etc are issues that we have treated. A lot are rectified, a lot are controlled and some are not curable but able to be managed.

Is your Cats Claw sourced from real cats?

Yes. But we promise the cats were not harmed in the harvest of this herb. All cats are Australian Certified Organic and have been tested at a cuteness level 8 or higher before selection.**

Is your Butcher's Broom meat free?

Yes! This herb is Vegan AND Vegetarian friendly – and now comes with 20% more bristle!**

**These are what we like to call an attempt at a joke! While some herbs have some unusual labels, none of them were sourced as their name might suggest. All are vegan and sourced from plants.